Chef Services

If you would wish to enjoy a fantastic culinary experience and mingle with family and friends – instead of cooking; now you can!

With Costa Rica Vacation Rental Chef Services, you can kick back and unwind while gourmet meals are prepared to your every desire. We use only the best and freshest local and organic ingredients and offer diverse chef services to create seasonal delicacies intended to meet your culinary needs without ever having to leave the privacy and comfort of your vacation rental.

Sit back and allow us to arrange for a chef to plan and prepare your unforgettable and sumptuous meal or menu to be enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of your luxury villa. From local traditions to international cuisines, your taste buds will be enchanted! Nothing quite supersedes the indulgence of having a professional, personal chef preparing a sumptuous meal while you relax in the comfort of your luxury home in Costa Rica Vacation Rental.

Our private chef will prepare a meal that is tailored to your tastes, health requirements or party size. From simple yet authentically arranged meals and brunches to stylish dinners planned around the most special or elegant occasions.  Our Chef Services offer a menu with a cosmic array of tasty treats and traditional dishes that will ensure your tropical vacationing experience is relaxing and unforgettable. Our chefs and staff have put together a diverse and scrumptiously up to the minute menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the lucky vacationers who chose to stay at our Costa Rica Vacation Rentals.


Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

Marc Benoist 602-791-5363


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