Kim’s Center for Yoga is a yoga studio that offers group classes, private sessions, and workshops to clients in Casa Blanca, Costa Rica


Yoga at Casa Blanca Costa Rica

Vacation can be just the right time to learn something new, like how to wake up and perfect your health and lifestyle with yoga. Yoga is an exciting experience for travelers of all ages. It increases stamina, enhances concentration, increases flexibility, strengthens the body and decreases stress.

Yoga allows for the renewal of connection between the body, mind and spirit, cleanses and integrates them in natural harmony. So many people are already benefiting from this holistic approach to life in general. Now, you can enjoy your yoga classes from experienced Yoga instructors. Our friendly Yoga instructors can accommodate from the complete beginners to the most advanced students.

Our top-rated Yoga instructors and studios in Costa Rica Vacation Rental can provide off-site as well as group or private instruction at the villa. At Costa Rica Vacation Rental, basic yoga classes teach the classic positions such as breath control, deep relaxation and meditation techniques all of which add to give healthy body and peace of mind.

Friendly and encouraging instructors, both beginners and the advanced students will come away from this retreat with a finely tuned sense of the present as intent, balance and harmony infuse the mind, body and spirit with holistic goodness.

We equate your learning experience with a feel like no other…


Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

Marc Benoist 602-791-5363


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